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Ryze Tello – DJI Drone Technology

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Key Features:

  • One of the best starter drones money can buy
  • Failsafe protection – Lands safely even if connection is lost
  • Can be controlled easily by your phone, or by upgrading to the gamer style controller
  • Created by Ryze Tech – Powered by DJI
  • Incredibly easy to fly and control
  • EZ Shot technology for incredible birds eye video recording
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor flying
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Ryze Tech Tello – DJI Powered

The intention behind the Ryze Tech Tello was to build the most fun drone ever, suitable for both kids and adults. Not only that, but it can also be used as a tool for teaching kids and adults alike about coding. Though it can be flown easily using either your phone or the up gradable controller, there is also an app which allows the drone to be programmed to fly based on your commands! One of the best value drones on the market, hands down.

What you get:

  • The Ryze Tello aircraft x1
  • Pairs of propellers x4 (8 propellers in total)
  • Propeller guard set x1
  • Battery x1
  • Propeller removal tool

Don’t forget to order your add on parts!

Ryze Tello Reviews

Amazon Reviews:

Enjoy it! Program it:

I bought the drone to teach myself how to control it through programming and, thanks to the internet, found communities of developers who have done just that! Ryze provides an official, if limited, programming interface to control the Tello, but other developers have created application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow your application to receive the live first-person view (FPV) video feed and recognise objects and people, and send commands back to follow them!

These advanced APIs makes the Tello perfect for STEM learning, as deciphering the video and feeding commands back to the drone via software algorithms is an ideal way of learning ‘real world’ software development.

I’m currently programming my Tello to follow a red ball held in front of it, such that it always keeps it in the centre of vision and not too near or far. A perfect example of real-world robotic software development!

Present for husband:

This was a present for my husband who does a lot with drones for work but doesn’t have one at home. My budget was limited to under £100 and having read up on drones it seems this was the one to go for. My husband has been very impressed with its stability and picture quality, as has his colleague, who has since ordered one of his own.
Good little drone:
What a little drone so good and so steady hoovering even with some wind [if not to strong] still manage to stay still. Fantastic drone to start learning and built some skills. Get some extra batteries to keep you flying a bit longer, once it last around 10/12 minutes max. each battery. Very good value for money.


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